Writing Wenches

Writing Wenches are writers and readers of every genre, and we are consistently pulling together the best that the literary world has to offer in the form of writing tips, author interviews, and entertaining stories about life. We are well-trained in the art of cheekiness, and are proud to serve up content that is both engaging and informative.

We reside in seafaring ports, idyllic rural spaces, and urban enclaves across the globe—and our interests are as diverse as the places they live. We call ourselves wenches because we throw ourselves into our craft with fiery determination and reckless abandon—but don’t let the name fool you—our status is not defined by gender!

Join us on our journey as we open up a world of broader thought and introduce you to some of the best talent on the planet. With 30+  authors, editors, and readers at your fingertips—be prepared for the most well-rounded literary experience on the web—and a whole lot of laughter along the way!

Below is a list of some of the wonderful members of the Writing Wenches.

Kathryn Biel http://kathrynbiel.blogspot.com/
Christine Cacciatore http://poopwafoley.blogspot.com/
Niki Daninger http://nikidaninger.com
Beverly Diehl www.beverlydiehl.com
Patricia Eddy http://www.pdeddy.com/
Sonja Frojdendal https://www.facebook.com/sonjafrojdendalauthhor
Rebekah Ganiere http://rebekahganiere.com/
Melina Gillies http://www.melinagillies.com/
Lauren Greene http://www.lululandadventures.blogspot.com/
Mia Hopkins http://www.miahopkinsauthor.com/
Suzie Jay http://suziejayauthor.blogspot.com.au/
Tami Lund http://tamilund.com/
Michele Mohr http://www.goodreads.com/authormohr
Misti Murphy http://mistimurphy.com
Colleen Myers http://www.csmyersmusings.com/
Quenby Olson http://quenbyolson.wordpress.com/
Keisha Page http://thewordmistress.blogspot.com
Jennifer Ray www.jenniferraybooks.com
Hollie S. Rice https://www.facebook.com/holliesstories
DeAnna Ross http://deannaross.net/
Jennifer Senhaji http://www.yoursweetandspicyromanceauthor.com
A.E. Snow http://aesnowauthor.blogspot.com/
Katherine Wilburn http://www.krwilburn.com
Samantha Williams http://skwills.com/
Sheri Williams http://www.thesheriwilliams.com
Allison Winfield http://alwinfield.com